Solar Eclipse 2017

Just once every 450 years, the skies above our area darken with a total eclipse.

The Great American Eclipse will cast its shadow across the continent Aug. 21, 2017, and there might be no better place to view it than here, in East Idaho. Our dry, high desert summers, with clear blue skies, give sky watchers one of the best chances to see a truly once in a lifetime event.

Local officials expect anywhere from 10,000 to more than 100,000 people from around the world to crowd in to our region for two or three days, to witness this rare astronomical event. Area hotels are already booked completely full, and governments are preparing for temporary camping grounds, RV parks, and emergency services to handle such a large crowd.

What better opportunity is there to show your products to new customers? The Jefferson Star will host a Main Street vendor fair, Totality Awesome Eclipse Watch, to coincide with the eclipse from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Artisan/craft market, food, entertainment. Contact Earlene or Gerri at 208-745-8701 for booth information. Space is limited and will sell quickly.


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